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Her Sister Killed Her Kids — And She Forgave Her

- Good Housekeeping

During a shocking psychotic break, Danielle Lambert's twin walked her children into oncoming traffic.

As the doctor gently shut the hospital room door, Danielle Lambert knew that the news was bad. She and her husband, Ken, collapsed into each other's arms and wept. "There were no words. We knew our kids weren't coming home," she says. "Their injuries were just too severe. All we could do was hold each and other and cry."

Just hours earlier, on a frigid January evening in 2008, Danielle had hugged her two children, Kaleigh, 5, and Shane, 4, goodbye. She waved cheerfully as her twin sister, Marci Thibault, drove them away for what was supposed to be a fun American Girl-themed slumber party weekend at her home in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

After a quiet dinner that night with Ken, Danielle had gone to bed early and was startled when the phone rang just after 10 p.m. Marci's 16-year-old niece, Arielle, one of several cousins who were supposed to be attending the party, was on the line.

"Aunt Danielle? The police called and said there's been an accident. They're taking Marci to the hospital, but they didn't say anything about Kaleigh and Shane. Can you get here soon? I'm scared."

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